MCG电涌防护,45+ 年完好的保护 

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DC Products

电涌可以通过电源线或数据信号线 (网络线, 电话线, 等等) 毁坏电设备

MCG 的产品的保护功能可以满足双方面的要求从而使电子设备远离电涌的威胁。请点击下链接,了解详情。






直流设备的电涌防护器可连续保护高达15A的DC负载电流,安装在如:DC自动控制装置、消防报警监控系统、安全控制系统、电信和数据通讯系统等设备级或设备内,提供紧凑、重型的电涌抑制。在5纳秒内箝制过电压,工作后自动恢复准备下次电涌的到来,绿色LED 确认保护的存在,封装外壳是工业级高韧性塑料,安装快速,螺丝端口。


The DCP-90 is designed to protect DC powered equipment such as the inverters and controllers used in  wind energy systems and photo-voltaic systems. These alternative energy systems are particularly liable to damage from lightning, hence the DCP-90 series is designed with high energy metal oxide varistors and specialized fuses optimized to conduct transient current without opening.  It has 10 times the joule rating of any other DC protector ever made.  The DCP-90 protects all modes while protecting against 160kA of lightning.  The unit is dual-redundant which means it will continue to work after all other DC protectors fail.  Status indicators on the front panel show you a reduced protection.  Its small footprint makes it suitable for use in small cabinets and is available in various operating voltages so it can be customized to your application.
技术规格 安装说明




   MCG SPD 的元件  

      每台 MCG电涌防护器的元件寿命为20年。MCG的技术部和 ISO 9000 质量控制组永远追求更好、更有效、寿命更长久的元件。正因如此, 我们使用的元件、技术规格以及MCG电涌防护器尺寸规格的变化将不再另行通知。     

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